EDCON Presentations
Note: we will keep updating this page and add more links to download soon.

1)RCI-Jean-Christophe Labarre_Why RCI Bank and Services has interests in Blockchain_EDCON

2)Vitalik Buterin_Introduction to Cryptoeconomics_EDCON

3)Vlad Zamfir_Casper_EDCON

4)Martin Becze + Alex Beregszaszi_Towards an Extensible Blockchain_EDCON

5)Yoichi Hirai_Blockchains the new home for proven-correct Software_EDCON

6)Nick Johnson_Distributed Naming with ENS_EDCON

7)Martin Holst Swende_The 'Shanghai' Attacks_EDCON

8)Joseph Chow_Battling the blackhats_EDCON

9)Heiko Hees_Trustlines_EDCON

10)Jeff Coleman_An Object Oriented Approach to Fully Abstracting State Channels_EDCON


All videos of EDCON can be downloaded from the link below.If the quality of the video looks too low, make sure to check that you are viewing it at a high resolution.http://bit.do/edcon2017