What is EDCON?

The EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is the nonprofit global conference organized by LinkTime, a company that is part of the Ethereum community in China. The purpose of the conference is to improve communication and integration between the various global Ethereum communities. EDCON is organized as a conference series, and happens once a year in different countries. It is not associated with the Ethereum Foundation which is a Swiss nonprofit. The first EDCON was held successfully in ESCP Europe, Paris, France on February 17-18, 2017, and this time, the event will be taking place in Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada on May 3-5, 2018.

The conference will cover the latest in Ethereum Blockchain technology and research (PoS / Casper, scalability, cryptography / privacy, security, etc), current trends as well as Ethereum and blockchain based projects and applications and community building and development. There will also be a superdemo as part of the event.

We sincerely welcome and invite friends from Ethereum communities worldwide to participate in this event. We welcome anyone to register to speak, and the topics collected will be reviewed by our consultant team to make sure that we are creating a top-quality event and can be as inclusive and fair as possible. We hope that we can make EDCON Toronto even more of a success than EDCON Paris last year. Still, the profits if we received from the event, will be used in the future Ethereum meetups and other releated events to support our communities.

How Do I Participate in EDCON Toronto?

To register as a participant, you will be able to click registration to see the standard ticket price as well as the available developer and student discounts. Purchasing tickets already available, we encourage everyone to register as soon as possible to take advantage of the special early bird rates. For those wishing to present, please click here to register. For those having interests in sponsoring us, please click here to fill the form.

May 3 - May 5





Our speaker list will continue updating as we confirm more speakers. For those looking to apply to become a speaker, a registration form is available here.


Vitalik Buterin

Founder of Ethereum
Ethereum Core Researcher


Gavin Wood

Founder of Parity&Polkadot, Cofounder of Ethereum


Mihai Alisie

Founder of AKASHA
Cofounder of Ethereum


Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys
Co-Founder of Ethereum


Karl Floersch

Ethereum Core Researcher


Jon Choi

Ethereum Core Researcher


Joseph Poon

Founder of Lightning and Plasma


Jun Hasegawa

Founder of Omise


Loi Luu

Founder of SmartPool & KyberNetwork


William Mougayar

Investor, Board Member
Author of The Business Blockchain


Jehan Chu

Managing Partner at Kenetic Capital


Jae Kwon

Founder of Tendermint & Cosmos


Thomas Greco

Special Advisor of Omise


Matthew Spoke

CEO of Nuco
Founder of Aion Network


Kai Chen

Founder & CEO of Olympus Labs


Andy Milenius

CTO of MakerDAO


Griff Green

Founder of Giveth & WHG


Nick Dodson

Founder of GovernX
Senior Developer at ConsenSys


Angel Versetti

CEO of Ambrosus


Trevor Koverko

CEO & Co-founder of Polymath


Arthur Gervais

CEO of Liquidity.Network
Assistant Professor
at Imperial College London


Stefan George

CTO of Gnosis



Founder, otonomos.com
Ethizen1, Ethscape.org


Gustav Friis

Project lead at trustlines.network


Bob Summerwill

Community Ambassador
Sweetbridge and Advisor
Varro Technologies


Iuri Matias

Lead Developer - Embark Framework


Ron Bernstein

Founder & CEO of Paradex


Luis Cuende

Project Lead at Aragon


Lefteris Karapetsas

Raiden Core Developer


Jon Maurelian

Contract Security Auditor
ConsenSys Diligence


Haseeb Rabbani

Lead Blockgeeks Teacher


Ameer Rosic

Co-founder of Blockgeeks


Preethi Kasireddy

Founder & CEO of TruStory


May 3

Technology discussion


Technology discussion

May 4

Technology discussion


Business use case discussion

May 5

Business use case discussion

May 4

Investment forum
Technology forum


Ethereum community building forum

May 5

Superdemo presentation
Superdemo award

May 5



The venue is located in Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3. You can take Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Go Transit, Via Rail Train, Greyhound Bus, Bicycling, Car, Taxi to the location, more information please check here.


Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
55 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5G 2C3

The Ted Rogers School of Management(TRSM)at Ryerson University is Canada's leading diverse, entrepreneurial business school centered in an urban learning environment.TRSM is developing collaborative, creative leaders who will drive 21st century business forward while making a positive impact on society.

A pioneer in practical, career-focused training, TRSM is at the cutting edge of entrepreneurial, socially conscious and innovative approaches to business.

The Conference focuses on technology, innovation, finance and targets at a better communication and cooperation between developers, startups, investors and Efans. The conference would not be successful without the support of TRSM, we would like to give our sincere thanks for Ryerson University’s help and cooperation.

Details about transportation, please check here.

EDCON 2017

Please check here for EDCON 2017 details.


This year, we would like to give YOU a chance to help design the accessories that we will be offering at EDCON. We are looking for designs for T-shirts, computer stickers and wristbands, with the themes of Ethereum, EDCON, Casper or Metropolis. Anyone is welcome to send us their designs, and we will choose the best 3 designs. If your design wins, it will be announced with your personal profile right here on the website, and you will get some free souvenirs, a free ticket to EDCON or some ether awards. This offer will end on March 31, 2018.

Now just imagine the one in your mind, and let’s make it real! If you finish designing, please send your work to souvenir@linktimetech.com, we will send back our feedback as soon as possible.


LinkTime is a startup that primarily develops applications on Ethereum and provides Ethereum-based blockchain and smart contract solutions. LinkTime works closely with core Ethereum developers and researchers, and it helps to advance the Ethereum ecosystem through technological development, training and promotions.




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